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CMarie Productions helps Brands, Businesses and Personalities grow their business by capturing and highlighting the soul, essence, and spirit of their brand.  We help our clients create video messaging & content to optimize the best user experience for their prospective and existing clients.  We deliver fully packaged and custom video promos, courses, commercials and video marketing campaigns designed to book more business through video automation.


The company was founded in 2014 by Creative Producer and Director Cassandra Hein, who specializes in writing, producing and directing a multitude of projects, ranging from Healthcare Education, documentary, online and television marketing campaigns, and scripted film productions.  From concept creation and branding, to media training, writing, production management through the post production process, Cassandra's makes the entire production process fun and she loves capturing the 'essence' of you.

World-Class Brand Building + Business Development

Cassandra Hein co-founded Curated Business Co. with Erick Holliday, which helps CEO's, Content Creators, Coaches, and CEO’s identify their superpower and create their brand and business authentically so they can naturally shine in the world!


Erick Hollliday has extensive experience as both an Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive with over 25+ years experience in strategy, business development, marketing, sales, negotiation, and technology. He loves innovation and using "unconventional" methods that help our clients experience quantum leaps in progress and results.

Are you ready to get more exposure, book more business and grow your brand with video?  Apply to book a Business & Brand Video Audit!

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