Cassandra Marie, Creative Producer / Director

Cassandra Hein specializes in writing, producing and directing a multitude of projects, ranging from Healthcare Education, documentary, online and television marketing campaigns, and scripted film productions.  From concept creation and branding, to media training, writing, production management through the post production process, Cassandra's makes the entire production process fun and easy for everyone involved with her original thought leadership.

Cassandra is the Executive Producer and Director of HealthCare TV Network, Co-Founder of 'FunScreen Media', and continues to produce initiatives for brands, personalities and campaigns that inspire her creative talent.  Cassandra started documenting women being released from prison in 2013 and calls the project 'After Orange'.  After Orange is now a Non-Profit 501(c)3 dedicated to helping ex-offenders assimilate back into society and live their best lives. This includes criminal justice initiatives and reform; Re-entry services, housing, rehabilitation services, education and helping ex-offenders assimilate back into society; public outreach, awareness, inclusion, transformation and community service.

With an exciting career in Television and Video Production since 2004, Director / Producer Cassandra Hein was inspired by former clients to begin CMarie Productions just ten years later in January, 2014.  She began as a dance and gymnastics choreographer in her teens before becoming a political intern at CBS in San Francisco during college, where she spent much of her time researching political hopefuls (during the 2004 Elections) and logging footage.  She loved the business so much she continued working in the news room for over 2 years helping producers in every department of the station.  Cassandra began producing a community based studio show called "Bay Sundays" in 2005 and a news magazine show called "Eye On The Bay" in 2006.  After moving to LA in 2007, she began the Production Department at LA’s Premier Hosting Academy where she spent 5 years developing, directing and producing on-air talent.  She soon became the head of production at Magic Box Productions where she produced a series of infomercials for a line of self help books.  Cassandra has gone on to write, produce, direct and edit scripted and non-scripted comedy, lifestyle, news, music videos and much more.