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CMarie Productions is a storytelling studio for star brands.  


Producing and developing shows, commercials, documentaries, and elevated experiences to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences to take action.  We serve forward-thinking brands who understand the fast-paced digital landscape of today's world, devising sophisticated and cohesive strategies for viral Video Marketing Campaigns (VMCs).


The era when television channels dominated viewership is long gone.  In its place, we have entered a new future where content is highly personalized and dispersed, making an interactive customer experience paramount. Whether producing content for television, social media, or the web, video campaigns need to span a multitude of platforms. This is where integrated video production stands as the apex of content marketing.  This is our specialty.


CMarie Productions was founded by creative producer and director, Cassandra Hein, who specializes in producing and directing world-class, star brands through visual storytelling.  She has an extensive background in show development for television, web, and social media viral campaigns, and has positioned her company to be the leader of ‘Creating Shows’ across multiple platforms to achieve maximum exposure.


Her company is well-versed in star collaborations, business strategy, and using unconventional, innovative methods to help her clients experience quantum leaps in progress to achieve results.

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