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Intro to 'After Orange' #ThePrisonProject

My name is Cassandra Hein and my sister Jamie has been in prison for 9 years.  I started documenting people leaving prison over 2 years ago.  I'm finally starting to share the stories. 

Meeting Brittany

I stared following my sisters girlfriend of one year the day of her release.  She was incarcerated for multiple charges, primarily burglary.  This is her first day out after serving 5 years. 

Finding Hope

We follow Brittany into 'Hope For Prisoners' where she's sees her friend from prison graduate the program.  Jon Ponder, the founder, invites Brittany to take the workshop. 

Attitude Determines Altitude

We meet Tanaya who is released after serving 8 months for grand Larceny.  She was a prostitute for 8 years prior to her conviction. 

Paving The Path
Learn about Jon Ponder and what inspired him to start Hope For Prisoners, which is a very successful prison re-entry program in Las Vegas. 

The Truth About Tricks

Jennifer has been incarcerated for the past 3.5 years for Forgery and has been corresponding with a man named Brian, who found her on a 'meet up' site for inmates called Jailhouse-Babes. 

Test Of Time

This is the story of Jamie Hein and her family.
Jamie has been incarcerated for 6 years when she is accepted to the pardons board, but will she get out?

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