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Our team offers you exclusive content focused on engaging your followers, subscribers and, most importantly, making new ones.  We work with you to accomplish your goals. Our expertise: driving your current and potential audience to your unique platforms; websites, apps, events, and social media pages. The brand voice we work with you to create provides a consistency and excitement that inspires the audience to stay on board, even in a changing landscape.  Whether your brand is transforming it’s current platform, or simply building upon it, we are here to help navigate the ever changing market.  We write, produce, host and package:

  • Press Junkets

  • News Segments

  • Brand Awareness

  • Viral Content

  • Youtube Videos

  • Instagram Promos

  • Sketch Comedy

  • Song Writing

  • Contest Giveaways

  • Social Media Strategizing​

Meet The Team:









Our team has worked on, consulted for, written, produced, directed and performed alongside Burt Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Elton John, Jeff Goldblum, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Anton Yelchin, Patton Oswalt, Kelly Rowland, Wanda Sykes, Kelly Osborne, Cee Lo Green, James Marsden, and many major social media personalities, including King Bach and Amanda Cerny.  Providing brands, companies, and non-profit organizations with original, entertaining, informative, inspiring and, of course, interactive content for your unique audience.

With the ability for immediate turn-around, some of our most

successful campaigns (like this one for MoviePass), include a

variety of the following, customized for your brand:

  • Contest Announcements, Promos, and Giveaways

    • Subscriptions

    • Event Tix

    • Merchandise

    • Celeb Meet & Greet

  • Musical Performances

  • Subscriber and User Acquisition (On-The-Street) Interviews

    • User Feedback

    • General Engagement / Games

  • Celebrity Interviews

  • Games for At-Home Followers

    • You get the idea.

  • Contest Announcements and Giveaways

  • Event Red Carpet / Behind-The-Scenes Coverage

  • Original Scripted Sketch/Viral Videos

Additional Social Media Content:


  • Main Post

    • 1 minute produced videos

    • Still images

    • 1 minute on-the-scene (quick turnaround) videos at Live Events

  • Insta Story

    • Clips / Teasers / promos / BTS

    • Still images

    • Boomerangs

      • Emojis/hashtags/engaging verbiage

Facebook (or Facebook Watch):

  • Main Post

    • Entire produced episode (or a condensed version)

    • Live streaming videos

    • Still images

      • Emojis/hashtags/engaging verbiage


  • Entire produced episode

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.59.31 PM.png

Kyle McKeever has been captivating audiences and viewers straight from Hollywood through film, television and social media with his magnetic charm and diverse talent.  With a comedic edge and killer smile, he makes everyone feel like they are the star of the show.  

Cassandra Hein has a knack and talent for developing television hosts, actors and creating original content for over a decade in Hollywood.  She works with personalities, non-profit organizations and business' who need creative campaigns for social media and television.

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