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Curated Business

Founded by Holliday Health Group, CMarie Productions, and HealthCare TV Network, Curated Business builds brands for businesses and EntrePersonalities.  Bringing CEO's, Content Creators, and Coaches the best and most relevant professional marketing, production, and online business practices.

Erick Holliday, Co-founder of Curated Coaching, Founder of Holliday Health Group and CEO of HealthCare TV Network, has a long standing history in business development an marketing with extensive knowledge and history in business acquisition in the healthcare arena.  Erick has dedicated over a decade of his career to behavioral psychology and how to best access peak performance.  His ability, passion and research has helped dozens of clients identify and re-program their Subconscious Success Blockers to go on to build highly lucrative and successful businesses.

Cassandra Hein, Co-Founder of Curated Business, Founder of CMarie Productions and Executive Producer at HealthCare TV Network, specializes in writing, producing and directing a multitude of projects, ranging from Healthcare Education, documentary, online and television marketing campaigns, and scripted film productions.  From concept creation and branding to media training, writing, and production management through the post-production process, Cassandra makes the entire production process fun and easy for everyone involved with her original thought leadership.

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