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"Magic's Most Viral" is a comedic clip show hosted by The Magic Crasher, a famous social media and magic prankster personality who loves making people laugh and feel good with magic.  A hybrid in-studio format with some ‘on the streets’ segments sprinkled in.  It’s the perfect rendezvous between Funniest Home Videos, Tosh.0 and Punked.


Cold Open

The show starts with a cold open of an original, innovative magic trick performed by The Magic Crasher (a trick that has already been leaked on social media for amateurs to find and take their best stab at copying).  


Segment One

We cut to an entertaining, high energy, hosted introduction of the show by the Magic Crasher.  The audience watches him breakdown (and listens via voice over) the best (and worst) magic tricks his team has scoured over social media and the internet.  There’s a comedic, yet friendly tone to his play-by-play as they watch amateurs try to pull off professional magic tricks and stunts.  He’s occasionally joined by 1-3 of his Prankster Possy - a group of comedic magicians who tag team in the fun of giving meme explanations to these courageous attempts at skillful illusions.   He then gives a reaction to social media videos of people who attempted the magic trick he opened with at the start of the show.


Segment Two

The next segment is where we see ‘The Magic Prankster Possy pull off a ‘Man on the street’ magic prank on unsuspecting citizens and celebrities in a lighthearted fashion.  The segment starts with a quick explanation and voice over by The Magic Crasher as the team preps and plays out the scheme.  These pranks leave the subjects surprised and upbeat with laughter.


Segment Three

‘The Magic Crasher’ brings the show full circle and invites in a special guest (the amateur magician who did the best attempt of magic).  They coordinate a way to do the trick together, which is always a fun and leaves the audience, the guest and The Magic Crasher on a high note and ready to experiment with the next magic adventure.

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