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When parents get out of the slammer they want nothing more than to re-connect with their children, but they rarely have control over the judgements of their kin.  These stories will make you re-think the dynamics of the parent / child relationship.  Especially when the roles are constantly being reversed through unique and compelling circumstances.  Loyalty, love and forgiveness are never guaranteed.

Brian Shipp has been incarcerated for 36 years.  He got married, divorced and had kids while incarcerated, like many others.  His adult children are resentful and go in and out of communicating  with him.  Will they give him a chance upon his release?

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John Ponder spent many years in federal prison before his release and starting his own transitional program to help others integrate after incarceration.  Even with his own trials and tribulations his daughter ended up doing time for drugs.  How are they getting along now that she's out and will her own children follow in the cycle of criminality?

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Krista Hoadley had an affair with the maintenance worker while in prison.  They remained together upon her release and she became pregnant within one month.  They put their baby up for adoption to a lesbian couple who is currently raising the child in Ohio.  They remain family friends with her daughters adopted parents and they see and catch up with them regularly.

Kenny York has been incarcerated for 11 years.  His daughter was born during the first year of his incarceration.  She only knows him as a 'prisoner'.  How will they get along once he is released?

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