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The Profitable Video Bootcamp

An exclusive three-day virtual intensive to plan, shoot, and promote your next video marketing campaign that creates long-term, sustainable income for you to enjoy the quality of life you deserve.


Wednesday, May 12th through Friday, May14th

Become a 'Video Creator' who is confident in producing high-quality videos for your business, being on camera, and creating a profitable, sustainable income!

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VALUE $13,997


  • All-Access Pass to 3-Day Live Event

  • Prep Training so you can make the most of the Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • Private Profitable Video Community


What is The Profitable Video Bootcamp About?

From V.V.A (Viable Video Asset) concept to a

profitable V.M.C (Video Marketing Campaign), in just three days.



  • You know EXACTLY how to structure your production layout, and that you’re equipped with the entire plan you need to be successful.


  • You feel 100% CONFIDENT about your production, including your confidence on camera, logistics of your production, all of your tech, timing, team and outsourcing you need to implement your FULL Powerhouse Schematic.


  • You know the EXACT steps to highlight and position yourself properly in the market, with a full understanding of your personal and professional brand.


  • You have a comprehensive platform analysis, based on your personality and goals, to seamlessly execute your platform structure.


  • You have an airtight delivery process to set you up to configure and deliver your FINAL PRODUCT to the right audience at the right time.


  • You have a concrete, actionable production plan to get you from concept to execution in your path to becoming your own Producer.


  • And much, much more!


Plan Your V.V.A

(Viable Video Asset)

  • Passion & Purpose: How independent video creators are seamlessly weaving their life passion into their Viable Video Asset NOW, even with everything going on in the world

  • Captivating Your Audience: Why producing content for a hungry audience that’s looking for a V.V.A like yours makes the final product inspiring, entertaining, informative, and educational

  • Your Viewer’s Journey: If you want your audience to be powerfully transformed by your V.V.A, recommend your V.V.A to your friends and become long-term supporters of your work, we want to map out the viewer’s journey from Day 1.

  • Structure your V.V.A for success: How to turn scattered ideas, notes, and your expertise into a streamlined, well-received platform that keeps your audience glued to the screen


Plan Your Profitable V.M.C

(Video Marketing Campaign)

  • Marketing To Modern Viewers:  The way people view content has fundamentally changed, so let’s set up your marketing strategy to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities

  • V.V.A to V.M.C: Marketing Launch Precursor: Tried and tested Video Marketing Campaigns that generate buzz, sales, and reviews, for first-time video creators and seasoned video marketers

  • Practice With Professionals: We’re bringing in our Professional Producers, Hosts and Talent Managers to share industry secrets and knowledge about how they’ve been able to create, host, and sell show concepts with their expertise.

  • In-Depth Profitable Video Creator Case Study: Cassandra’s opening up the curtain to reveal exactly how her and her team produced Viable Video Assets and Video Marketing Campaigns that have generated their clients more than $30 Million in revenue.


Plan Your S.P.P

(Successful Production Path)

  • Success Fundamentals and Production Profit Path Revealed: What it really takes to be a successful video creator who as, not just a ‘One Hit Wonder’ launch, but sustainable Viable Video Asset to Video Marketing Campaign Success

  • Your 9-Step Production Path: The full overview of the most pivotal pieces of a Viable Video Asset that creates wealth and catapults you to the #1 position in your niche and gather a dedicated audience and customers who support all of your work

  • Secrets Revealed: Promos and Posting techniques from the pros: Revealing the little-known strategy of using your Viable Video Asset’s title, subtitle, description keywords, and categories work together to make your VVA easy to find and irresistible to your target audience



VALUE $13,997


  • All-Access Pass to 3-Day Live Event

  • Prep Training so you can make the most of the Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • Private Profitable Video Community

ok cool CASS.JPG


​Cassandra Hein is the Executive Producer and Director of HealthCare TV Network, Founder of Host On Camera, CMarie Productions, Co-Founder of FunScreen Media', and continues to produce initiatives for brands, personalities, businesses and projects that inspire her creative talent.   Cassandra specializes in writing, producing and directing a multitude of projects, ranging from Healthcare Education, documentary, online and television marketing campaigns, and scripted film productions.  From concept creation and branding, to media training, writing, production management through the post production process, Cassandra's makes the entire production process fun and easy for everyone involved with her original thought leadership. With an exciting career in Television and Video Production since 2004, Director / Producer Cassandra Hein was inspired by former clients to begin CMarie Productions just ten years later in January, 2014.  She began as a political intern at CBS in San Francisco during college. Cassandra began producing a community based studio show called "Bay Sundays" in 2005 and a news magazine show called "Eye On The Bay" in 2006.  After moving to LA in 2007, she began the Production Department at LA’s Premier Hosting Academy where she spent 5 years developing, directing and producing on-air talent.  She soon became the head of production at Magic Box Productions where she produced a series of infomercials for a line of self help books, and has gone on to write, produce, direct and edit scripted and non-scripted comedy, lifestyle, news, music videos, movies and much more.



Tim Kessler

President of TKO Media, INC.


Tim Kessler founded TKO Media, Inc. in 2013 and was previously VP of Content Development & Hosting at VOX and Head of the Hosting Department at BBR for more than 8 years.  


He started his Hollywood career as a personal assistant for Robert Downey Jr. and began managing talent just a few years later. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 4.33.44 PM.png

Mimi Brown

TV Host, Journalist & Producer 

Host of FoxLA's Culture Conversations, a digital show launched by the station in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder.  She interviews nationally recognized lawmakers, activists, and others working to bring equality and racial justice to our country.

Mimi also works on FOX 11's signature show, Good Day LA, producing daily segments highlighting the latest in local and national news, entertainment, fashion, and fitness. 

Mimi began her journalism career 14 years ago as a red carpet reporter for US Weekly Magazine, where she covered the Oscars, the Grammys and movie premieres, interviewing celebrities whose names you know.  Mimi is also the host of the podcast, "Becoming Dope with Mimi Brown."

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 4.57.29 PM.png

Kyle McKeever

TV Host, Actor, Producer & Director

Founder of McKeever Media

Co-Founder of FunScreen Media

Host, Producer and Director of TV and Digital Marketing Campaigns, and Co-Founder of Funscreen Media, a boutique production company focused on celebrity and brand content creation.  Kyle's film work is featured on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lifetime TV, and Syfy Channel, with films premiering at Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW.

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 4.25.59 PM.png

Erick Holliday

Entrepreneur & Executive Producer

Host and Founder of the "Manifesting Mastery Series", Executive Producer of HealthCare TV Network, CEO of Holliday Health Group, and my personal Chief Spiritual Officer.  Erick has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from every industry clear limiting beliefs and has generated over $2 Billion in revenues and three of his portfolio companies have exited for over $9 Figures.  You DO NOT want to miss these sessions!  You're going to be so's literally changed my life!  

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 4.31.39 PM.png
Marcy Guevara.jpg

Marcy Guevara-Prete

TV Host, Producer & Entrepreneur

Marcy Guevara-Prete is a producer, host, and plus-size style expert helping women of all sizes feel amazing in the skin they're in. You may have seen Marcy hosting, “Big Girl in a Skinny World,” the YouTube series from Marie Claire or on Lane Bryant Fashion TV.  She has also been a featured expert on shows like Rachael RayThe Dr. Oz Show, Hallmark Home and Family, The Real and on

Marcy currently works as a producer on shows like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on E! and Top Chef. She loves bringing her on camera expertise behind the scenes.

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 11.34.32

Shannon O'Dowd

Media Trainer & Live Presenting Strategist


When leaders, organizations, experts and influencers need to polish their presence for high stakes conversations, they call Shannon O'Dowd.

Shannon's clients have appeared on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, the Doctors, HGTV, Hallmark, QVC, Buzzfeed, and major market morning shows.  From becoming confident on camera to being captivating in the boardroom, Shannon's clients gain the skills to shine when the stakes are at the highest.


Her approach focuses on helping her clients be their most authentic self so they can connect, impact, and influence their audiences.  Through her workshops and private coaching retainers, Shannon Guides her clients' performance technique, messaging, body language, eye-line, nervousness, and presentation design.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 6.06.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 6.05.14 PM.png

Brittany & Marcelino Santiago

Entrepreneurs & TV Personalities

As a reality television personality based upon prison experiences on the WE TV network hit show “Life After Lockup”, Brittany & Marcelino know the what it's like to adjust to juggle shooting with parent hood. With an increasing social media presence of over 150K followers across several platforms she has found and cultivated an outlet to espouse her views of positivity and determination.  Brittany currently serves as Vice President and Director of Communications for After Orange, a 501(c)3 Organization that helps women leaving prison in Nevada.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 5.52.06 PM.png

Jill Anenberg Lawrence

Board Certified Health Coach, Speaker and Holistic Nutritionist 

Well, imagine if a life coach, nutritionist, and therapist had a threesome… Jill would be their baby! 
Her background in comedy brings humor and entertainment to wellness. Jill is the right balance of cheerleader, teacher, and trainer and has been killin' it on camera for more than 15 years.  Jill graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School at ASU and have applied her writing/interview skills to the comedic arts. She's entertained crowds at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Laugh Factory and Icehouse to name a few.

What are other business owners, Authors and TV Hosts saying... 

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 4.01.47 PM.png

Mary Noon

Founder & CEO, Salt & Pepper Co.

I had no on-camera training and I was in the early stages of my business.  I didn't know where to begin.  Cassandra made the process so easy and fun.  Once I started making videos the right way, I was able to scale my business 20x!​

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 5.34.37 PM.png

Paul Sutter

Author, Host & Astrophysicist

I had tons of content but I didn't have a Profitable V.M.C (Video Marketing Campaign).  With the right direction (and video content), my manager has the right material to book me on TV shows and appearances.  This team brings Hollywood knowledge that helped me break into the biz.

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 4.56.22 PM.png

Lauren Makk

TV Host, Interior Designer

Being in the Entertainment industry for over ten years, I know how important it is to keep re-inventing yourself and making sure you're getting in front of the right people.  You have to have the right profitable V.M.C to keep up with the current state of show biz.

Why Should You Attend?

Ever wonder why some people “make it” as a TV Personality or Entrepreneur, and others struggle to shoot and put together a successful video launch?

It’s because they understand the formula of shooting the right V.V.A and Profitable V.M.C that’s built to sell, from the very beginning. It’s not about shooting an Emmy Winning Video. It’s about making a clear, compelling Viable Video Asset and Video Marketing Campaign for a specific, hungry audience that’ll become your raving fan base, and then leveraging that fan base to build profitable income streams. We will be giving you these proven strategies, step-by-step.

This Profitable Video Bootcamp is for...




If you coach, consult, host workshops or retreats, teach courses or programs, sell products and services, or are building a community, you will be able to take all of the stories, wisdom, and information that your ideal client or customer needs to know and package it into a V.V.A AND V.M.C that is the perfect entry point into your business. With your Video(s) out doing the heavy-lifting of marketing for you, you’ll experience dramatic growth in your overall business model.

If you plan to produce several videos about the same subject, or create content based on other content that you've written, such as a book, you’ll find that you can turn early viewers into a raving fan base, and exponentially grow your audience with every video series you release. The key here (that many first-time video makers don’t realize) is that you need to have a plan for, not just one video, but a SERIES of videos that set you up for long-term success as a leading go-to video host in your field, topic, or genre.

If you have ideas, stories, and a message that you know will completely revolutionize your space, and maybe even the world as we know it, then your videos are the gateway to your viewers having an entirely new perspective on life. With your videos gathering buzz and you being featured on influential platforms, you’ll be able to change hearts, minds, culture, policy, and so much more. This video is the opening to a floodgate of change—for the better.



VALUE $13,997


  • All-Access Pass to 3-Day Live Event

  • Prep Training so you can make the most of the Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • Private Profitable Video Community

Planning To Produce A One-Off Video Is One Thing, But If You're Planning To Incorporate Video As A Long-Term Strategy For Your Business, Brand, And 'On-Camera' Personality Profile, Then Reserve Your Seat To The Profitable Video Bootcamp Today.

Are you serious about Producing a Profitable Viable Video Asset like a show, course or series?  


The Profitable Author Bootcamp is deliberately designed to serve people who want to make videos for their brand and businesses because they’re ready to use video to level up their visibility, credibility, and become a leader in their space.


Attendance is limited exclusively to people who:

  • Are committed to producing and publishing a Viable Video Asset and Video Marketing Campaign within the next 6-months.

  • Are either (A) growing a business, (B) planning to produce multiple videos as a content creator, and/or (C) expanding an On-Camera Television Career for guest appearances or shows.

Signs That You Are Ready For The Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • You’ve started creating videos several times, each time in a different direction. How can you make time to develop a full, workable plan for your Profitable V.V.A and V.M.C and actually produce the right campaign from beginning to end?

  • You’re laser-focused on getting organized before you shoot because you already have bits and pieces of things you want to say scattered around on notes, and small overviews of your entire vision, and now you’re trying to pull it all into a structure, wondering when you’ll “stumble upon” the final, perfect formula that will actually work for you in your lifestyle.

  • You can’t learn enough to say you’re “done” and officially beginning to shoot your videos. When does the learning stop and the shooting begin? When will you be good enough to be great on camera?

  • Honestly, just sitting down and planning out where to begin is a challenge, especially when you tend to get more ideas as you go and sometimes even change the focus of the videos you plan to make, fine-tuned the audience, and essentially start all over again. 

  • You’ve heard the stories of people who are making a lot of money with in their businesses by adding video and even been featured in book shows, but their videos have generated zero sales. How do you make sure that you’re producing video that will sell your products, expertise and services?

  • There are so many steps to the process, and they research or any advice you’ve received often feels overlapping so that it's unclear where to begin. Clear steps and directions to go are virtually nonexistent, plus there are so many companies trying to make money off of you that it's hard to figure out the best option.

  • You’re looking for the best path forward to be successful and concerned that finding the right path now could make or break the success for all of your future work.

  • It just seems like the market is over saturated with people doing video.  You just don't know how MY videos actually perform in the market.

If any of this rings true for you, you’re in the right place.

Reserve Your Spot At The Bootcamp Here:



VALUE $13,997


  • All-Access Pass to 3-Day Live Event

  • Prep Training so you can make the most of the Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • Private Profitable Video Community

Planning To Produce A One-Off Video Is One Thing, But If You're Planning To Incorporate Video As A Long-Term Strategy For Your Business, Brand, And 'On-Camera' Personality Profile, Then Reserve Your Seat To The Profitable Video Bootcamp Today.

When & Where

Here's the Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday, May 12th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


Thursday, May 13th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


Friday, May 14th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


What if I can’t attend all three days?


You will absolutely get the most out of the event if you’re there live for the teaching, exercises, and Q&A session. If you know you’re going to miss a segment, we have also included access to the recordings of the experience available 30-60 days afterward for our PFP Business Coaching. Recordings are not available for general admission tickets.


What time will the Live Virtual Event experience take place?


Here’s the tentative schedule:


Wednesday, May 12th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


Thursday, May 13th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


Friday, May 14th: 8am PT | 8am to 4pm | 9am to 5pm MT | 11am to 7pm ET


What do I need in order to attend this virtual experience?

You will need stable internet access and a device in which to join, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet, but for the best experience, we recommend a laptop or desktop computer. You might also want headphones if you’ll be in a shared space in your home or office. 



What if I don’t have a Viable Video Asset, yet - can I make the most of this Profitable Video Bootcamp without ever having produced any videos?

That’s totally okay!  The first day of our Bootcamp will have sessions specifically on nailing down what video(s) you’re making, so we’ve got you covered. We begin with the end in mind so that the video project you produce will be the one that’ll help you become a profitable video creator. 


What if I already produced a promo for my Show Concept but need help with selling the show?

This event will include sessions for people who have already produced a V.V.A - like an online course, an informational VVA or a process, fully produced shows, and shows in development that already have promo reels, as well as sessions around publishing and marketing. It’s a huge process, and we have a LOT to share with you about the journey to become a profitable producer, video maker, and on-camera talent, even if you’ve already produced a course online or another Viable Video Asset!



VALUE $13,997


  • All-Access Pass to 3-Day Live Event

  • Prep Training so you can make the most of the Profitable Video Bootcamp

  • Private Profitable Author Community

Planning To Produce A One-Off Video Is One Thing, But If You're Planning To Incorporate Video As A Long-Term Strategy For Your Business, Brand, And 'On-Camera' Personality Profile, Then Reserve Your Seat To The Profitable Video Bootcamp Today.

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