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CMarie Productions works with many PR and talent firms to package their clients.  Whether you are trying to get your client on TV, create awareness for your non-profit organization or need a video for your company, we will work with you to customize a plan to fit your needs.  From shooting, editing and all-around packaging, we've got you covered!


Doctor Raj Dasgupta is a quadruple Board Certified Doctor and Professor at USC.  He teaches other aspiring doctors how to pass the board certification process in America for Kaplan University, has authored numerous publications (including industry books) and he is one of the most decorated pulmonary and sleep doctors in the United States.  So when ‘The Doctors" producers approached him to speak on the TV program at the beginning of the year, he was all in. But he lacked a unified platform, personal brand awareness, as well as the knowledge he needed to effectively appear on the show.


We started training Raj back in 2014.  We worked on branding, presentation style and confidence and produced his first videos for his Youtube Channel, including a reel.   Now, four years later he is the Official Sleep’ specialist for ‘The Doctors’ TV show, his PR Agent & Manager are constantly getting requests for media appearances & TV Shows and he is also the face of Health Care TV Network.


Brooke Kromer grew up in the NFL family, moving around with her parents as her dad was an offensive line coach.  Her dream is to become a sportscaster and reporter but she had no material.  We packaged her brand to reflect her expertise, as well as webidodes for her Youtube channel.


Michelle Graci recently opened a consulting company for high level executives and celebrities who don't have time to organize their homes and living situation.  

She needed a video explaining her services and what she offers.


Mellissa Nielsen is a live auctioneer and consults for non-profits and charities.  We started working with her about 4 years to get footage of her in her element.  Now, she is one of the most highly sought after auctioneers and we cover events like this one for her all the time.



Mary is an entrepreneur who is looking to grow her Youtube Channel and Social.  We work with her to come up with ideas we think her audience will enjoy.  These are 2 versions of the same video for different platforms.



Ashlee wanted to update her materials to gear her brand towards the music industry.  So, we produced several stand alone segments (like this) to post on Instagram and get her more exposure as an authority reporter in this category.  


Reyne Hirsch is a luxury goods expert.  Her PR and Management team needed a promo / reel to get her booked on more segments & shows.  Now, they have video to send to inquiries.

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