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We help brands, businesses and personalities grow and optimize with video by delivering fully packaged and original promos, commercials, courses, and video marketing campaigns designed to close sales, grow your brand and create buzz around your business!

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The Loud Silence


"CMarie Productions does an amazing job at visual story telling that reflects our vision, values and everything that we stand for as a company."

Mary Noon - CEO, Salt & Pepper Co.

"Working with Cassandra and Erick has been a game changer for my brand and business.  I value and trust their expertise whole heartedly."

Dr. Shoshana Bennett  - Author, Speaker, and

Perinatal Mental Health Pioneer

"From promo's and marketing videos to hour long courses and large volume content, we absolutely love working with Cassandra and CMarie Productions."

Tonya Sakowicz  - Co-Founder & Newborn Care Solutions

"We love the work CMarie Productions delivers!  We give them a five star rating across the board.  They are professional, fun to work with and they know what they're doing!"

William Grewal, CEO & Co-Founder, HomeStack

"CMarie Productions brings immense value to our business.  Having 'the right' video marketing campaign is crucial to educating potential clients and streamlining our sales process.  We've closed millions of dollars of business with the help of our videos because they breakdown what our clients need to know prior to us even having a conversation."

David Krout - Managing Partner, Client First

"I've been working with CMarie Productions for years and they always deliver high quality and produce first class content.  Cassandra is a creative genius and truly is the best at making you look your best."

Ekin Ozlen - CEO, Keracell Inc.

Are you ready to get more exposure, book more business and grow your brand with video?  Apply to book a Business & Brand Video Audit!


"Creative Genius Is Inspired By The Freedom To Imagine."
Cassandra Hein, Creative Producer / Director 

Brands We've Produced:

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Are you ready to get more exposure, book more business and grow your brand with video?  Apply to book a Business & Brand Video Audit!

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