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Starting A Movement Begins With Your Why

Non-profit organizations tend to have boring video content and often miss out on important opportunities to connect with different segments of their audience.  The Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation is breaking the stigma on the silent killer no one wants to talk about: Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness, partnering with the Caleb Cares Foundation to prevent bullying.  With a custom talk show and equally important messaging (formatted for various platforms including TV and social media), it creates the space to talk about the issues facing teens today in an engaging, relatable atmosphere.

No campaign geared to their target audience and donors would be complete without social media promos, reels, and stories.

This is a sample from the collection.

Equally as important, the ‘Founders Story’ and the ‘About Us’ videos are produced in short documentary form, meant for two distinct audiences: Donors who relate with their ‘why’ and schools who see value in becoming partners and educating their students to spread awareness.


Producing The Business Of Creative Genius

How do you walk the line between Artistic Design and Serious Business?  Very gracefully.  Salt & Pepper Co. is a luxury design gifting company that needed a video marketing campaign that reflected their artistic brilliance and dedication to delivering elevated, innovative gifting campaigns with quick turn-around for some of the most prestigious brands in the world.  They specifically wanted to let new clients know what they’re capable of and why they are passionate, but also, they wanted to educate prospective clients about their process and what to expect when you work with them.

Visual Storytelling: Elevating the Entrepreneur - When the founder of a company is a working artist and employs visual designers, the results are video representations that add character to the video marketing campaign.

Helping the talent, entrepreneur or expert shine on camera is our specialty.  Turning the business owner into a boss on camera is our passion.

Living Spaces + Nate Berkus

A great marketing and PR campaign starts with great messaging…

and sculpting that message based on where your audience hangs out is key.  When Nate Berkus launched his Living Spaces line of home goods and furniture, they needed a campaign to promote his new line across multiple platforms.  So we developed a strategic content strategy that mixed traditional, non-traditional, and behind-the-scenes content to create a narrative and gain massive exposure.  Having a great PR plan means having great visuals to spark masterful collaborations, and when those collaborations share in the success, the results are masterful.


Star Brands Deserve Star Shows

When triple-threat entrepreneur, singer, and model, Ekin, launched her high-end skincare line Keracell, she wanted an entertaining infomercial to air on TV.  But she didn’t want to host it, she wanted to be featured on it.  And she didn’t want it to feel like a sales infomercial.  She wanted it to feel like a news magazine show.  That’s when we developed ‘On-Trend’.  From fashion insiders to lifestyle influencers, beauty experts, and innovative entrepreneurs, we gave audiences an inside look into who and what is ‘On-Trend’.

Incorporating fun, creative Call To Action to collect important data is key.


Put your show where people go...

Movie Pass needed all the exposure they could get during its launch.  From live events, brand partnerships, influencer collaborations, and movie premieres, we flooded the channels with original content that went viral practically overnight.  Bringing their IG audience from under 5k to over 100k followers in just one weekend!


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Turn live events into profit-making, evergreen assets

Communities and events are some of the most important parts of running a successful business and organization.  So, when Newborn Care Solutions started planning an educational event, they knew they needed to capture it in a way they could commoditize once the event was over.  That’s when we came in to produce the live 3-day event and turned it into a money-making course they could sell after the event.

CMarie Productions has produced more than 25 hours of original content for Newborn Care Solutions, including remote courses for their instructors.


Make it fun, light, and relatable

 Alur, “The office of the future”, was ready to roll out a light-hearted campaign when the world was getting back to work after Covid.  They wanted a comedic vibe, playing on their light, open, and beautiful spaces with modular glass dividing the walls.  This is when we created the ‘The Face Of Alur’ campaign to bring the Hollywood magic to elevate the buzz about their business online.

"CMarie Productions always captures the best of me and my company"

Mary Noon - CEO, Salt & Pepper Co.

Salt & Pepper Co.

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